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About Us

We are passionate about helping farmers to improve their productivity whilst ensuring that they are sustainable now and into the future.

We believe that soils form the foundation of all agricultural production and it is the single most important asset that farmers own. The protection of this natural capital is essential for the longevity of agriculture and the planet. 

Whilst the soil is the foundation of agriculture, AgriSci take the view that production-based agriculture is needed to produce the food quantities required to feed the world. 

As such, we take a systems approach to all that we do and not only work at the soils level but also within production systems, whereby we provide support in many and varied spaces including AgTech, agronomy, training, machinery development, fertiliser and ameliorant development. We have also been involved in projects that look to turn wastes from other industries into valuable agricultural inputs which not only assists with waste disposal but delivers highly beneficial products to farmers.

The philosophy of AgriSci is simple:  To take science to the paddock and the paddock to science. In other words, AgriSci is a conduit between science, industry, investors and farming. AgriSci has a strong focus on ensuring that all work is:

  1. Scientifically credible

  2. Environmentally sustainable

  3. Delivers benefit to all stakeholders. 

Often, we find that many organisations have cutting edge, innovative ideas that are beneficial to agriculture, but they lack the understanding and linkages to farmers and advisors in the farming sector. Similarly, we often hear of needs or ideas from farmers and advisors, but they lack the knowledge and networks to convey these needs to the scientific community. AgriSci is often pivotal in facilitating the connection of these groups. 

AgriSci offers a unique package of both scientific and practical skills, with in-depth knowledge of the agricultural Industry, whilst understanding the complexities involved in marketing and delivering products to the end users. 

AgriSci is a co-owned by husband and wife team David Hawkey and Cassandra Schefe and encompasses Cassandra’s previous business, Schefe Consulting.  

Cassie has a PhD in soil chemistry from Monash University and a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hon) from The University of Melbourne, with 20 years’ experience working in the soil science field in both cutting-edge science and paddocks. With expertise ranging from soil pits to synchrotron science and strong interpersonal skills she can relate to people at all levels. Cassie’s ability to effectively communicate with people at many levels from high level scientists to farmers in the paddock means she often presents on soils related topics at industry events ranging from grower forums to scientific conferences.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Rural Science (Hon) from the University of New England and has hands-on agronomic experience in both the cropping and pasture industries. With over 25 years’ experience in the commercial agriculture sector, Dave has a strong knowledge of product development, supply chain, logistics and marketing. For 17 years Dave worked extensively in the management of commercial field-based research programs whilst delivering and communicating outcomes to farmers, marketers and production teams. This work has involved project management, managing both human and mechanical resources, crop and pasture agronomy, problem solving and finding innovative ways to answer questions and increase efficiencies. Dave also has extensive experience in Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), particularly in relation to field trial and farm management.

Living in a small rural community in North East Victoria with their two children, Cassie and Dave are passionate about supporting local rural communities and view it as an important part of their business. To this end they are very actively involved with many local groups. Dave is the town’s volunteer fire captain and both Dave and Cassie volunteer with the local scout group. Furthermore, they actively support other local groups financially and believe where practical in supporting other local small businesses.

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From the ground up

In 2014 Cassie started Schefe Consulting as she saw a need to bridge the gap between Science and the paddock, that traditional models were not successfully achieving. As a scientist with a strong understanding of farming systems Cassie saw the opportunity to bring cutting edge science to farmers and then take the needs of farmers back to the lab. Schefe Consulting steadily grew over the next 5 years to the point where Cassie needed additional help. In 2019 it was decided that Cassie’s husband Dave Hawkey, an agronomist with 25 years’ experience would join the team on a part-time basis and form the company “AgriSci Pty Ltd”. 

In 2020 AgriSci expanded their offering to farmers and researchers by investing in a hydraulic deep soil corer. Cassie and Dave also completed Fertcare advisor accreditation in 2020 to formalise their extensive skills in plant nutrition. This enabled AgriSci to also gain the status of being a Fertcare accredited organisation. After working out of their house for 18 months the decision was made to construct purpose-built facilities on their property in late 2020. At the start of 2021 Dave became a full-time employee of AgriSci. 

Since the inception of Schefe Consulting in 2014 they have worked with a wide range of clients including:

  • Farmers - both family and Corporate

  • Universities

  • Catchment Management Authorities

  • Landcare groups

  • Farming system groups

  • Fertiliser companies

  • Town planners

  • Local Government Waste Managers

  • AgTech start-ups

  • Multinational food and beverage companies

Projects - Case Studies

* Cool Soils Initiative

* Spray Drift

* Hughes Creek Landcare

* Thinkbio

* Aboriginal Soil Analysis

* Lilliput Ag

About Us: Projects

The Team @ AgriSci

Who are We?

About Us: Team

Dr. Cassandra Schefe

Principal Scientist/Co-owner


David Hawkey

Field Research Specialist/Co-Owner

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